Is Keyzee for me?


Do you think that Keyzee is right for your business?

Would you like to find out what Keyzee could bring to your business?


Learn more about all the advantages which Keyzee could bring to the management of your fleet :


  • Accurate monitoring and optimisation of the use of your vehicles

Keyzee analyses the amount of bookings and use of the vehicles in your fleet. It also allows you to find the average distance travelled by the vehicles. So you’ll have your eye on everything, right at your fingertips.


  • Active management of your operational risks

Keyzee allows you to find out exactly who committed an offence which incurred a ticket or the person who unfortunately caused damage to your vehicle. The user history and the damage management module provide instant answers to all these questions.


  • Reducing the costs of your internal management

Keyzee has planned everything! A shared and centralised schedule, a booking system, a reports system…from now on you can forget all about these tiresome tasks. And you could save even further on the resources saved! Thanks to whom? Thanks to Keyzee!


  • Independent community management

With Keyzee you can easily, quickly and independently manage your community of users. Only a few minutes are necessary to create and remove users and their access. You can also add stations and link vehicles.


  • An innovation to offer to your employees

Keyzee is also an innovative solution for your employees! Keyzee provides them with a car-sharing solution within your company which allows them to benefit from new alternative mobility possibilities. So your employees will also be thanking Keyzee!


  • An unrivalled experience and user-friendliness

The only thing the user needs is a smartphone! You won’t find a more practical way of booking and using a vehicle. Keyzee is a completely new and exciting experience to provide to your employees!