Keyzee answers my questions!


  • Is the cost of Keyzee linked to the number of users?

    No, the user licence is linked to the car; it doesn’t matter how many people use it. In addition to the monthly licence, there is a one-off payment for the telematics box.

  • Do you need a specific phone to use Keyzee?

    Keyzee works on all smartphones equipped with the Android operating system, no matter which brand. Keyzee will soon be available for all phones equipped with iOS (iPhone) and Blackberrys.

  • Could installing Keyzee damage my vehicle?

    No, the telematics is easy to install and is not intrusive inside the vehicle.

  • Do you need to have a particular vehicle for Keyzee to work?

    Not at all. Keyzee works on all vehicles which have a key with a remote control to open the doors. Currently Keyzee does not yet work with infrared keys.

  • How does Keyzee work?

    The key to your vehicle is inserted into a secure telematics box. You may then make a virtual copy of this key so it can be shared.