Keyzee: the first car sharing solution fully integrated on a  smartphone.

With Keyzee, you no longer have to carry any keys with you: the key to your car is stored directly on your smartphone!

And once you have it on your smartphone, it can also be easily shared to the smartphones of your partner, your children, your friends or even neighbours… But only if you decide to grant them access!




Key sharing is no longer a complicated business only available to automotive professionals. Who among us hasn’t worried about losing keys or missing appointments to hand them over?

Thanks to its solution for the virtualisation of keys, Keyzee makes physically handing over the keys completely obsolete: the fully secure access code is sent directly to the user’s smart phone after reservation. Only the user can claim the reserved car and only for the period reserved.

Although Keyzee was originally designed for use by car sharing professionals, a version adapted to the needs of private individuals will soon be available as well: sharing virtual keys by smartphone within a limited group and a basic version for vehicle management and reporting, this simplified version of the key sharing solution offers dynamic new ways to use your car more efficiently!

It’s easy, fast and secure… a revolutionary way to share your car!

Why use Keyzee?


Your car is stationary capital! It’s a major asset that represents the second-highest investment made by households after housing! But did you know that a car sits unused for most of the time, of practically no use to anyone! Is this truly a profitable approach? What do you really get out of it?

Car sharing can be a solution to increase the rate of use of your car! Between neighbours, friends or simply more efficient sharing of cars within your family!

Keyzee helps to better manage and organise this sharing, and relieves you of many daily concerns!


How does Keyzee work?


Keyzee is very easy to use and does not require a major investment:



Would you like to find out more? Click here to discover the five steps in detail

1. Install a KeyzeeBox in the cars you want to share. This installation is done in three phases:

a/ Once you have ordered a KeyzeeBox and its licence, you send us a car key that we integrate directly and absolutely securely into your KeyzeeBox.

b/ This “KeyzeeBox” is then sent to you. Your mechanic/installer can easily install the KeyzeeBox in the car (estimated time required: 30 minutes).

c/ Configure your user account in order to incorporate the shared cars into your community and create the necessary users.


2. Install the mobile application “Keyzee” free of charge on the smartphones of all the users. Each user will then be able to reserve the car of his choice for the period of time required.


3. You can access the car any time during the period that your key is valid (reservation period). When you make a connection with the car for the first time during a reservation period, you will be invited to perform a check of the condition of the car in order to optimally manage any damage to the vehicles.


4. Lock, unlock, start the reserved car as many times as you please. And if you find that you need to be on the road longer than expected, simply extend the reservation of the car with a click on your smartphone! When you return the car, you will also be asked to confirm the vehicle’s condition in order to close the period of reservation.


5. The fleet manager for your community will have access to a multitude of reports about the use of the cars which will allow optimal management of your fleet. No more wasted time or lost keys!