• KeyzeeBox: for large quantities, please contact our commercial team to receive a custom quotation.
  • Licence: the cost of the licence is payable monthly (1 licence per KeyzeeBox installed -unlimited number of users of the mobile application).


Mobile Application:

The application which has been developed on the 3 major platforms (Android already available through PlayStore / iOS & BlackBerry coming soon) allows the individual management of all of your user accounts. Reservation of cars, choice among different stations, management of damage and automatic transmission of photographs confirming a condition check has been performed, unlocking-locking and start-up of the reserved car: the user has complete control over all these transactions. But the fleet manager is kept informed in real time of the use of vehicles in the fleet. Keyzee provides updates of the mobile application throughout the entire duration of the licence.


User website:

The website allows the user to manage his account (profile, personal details, past and future reservations) as well as making reservations.


Administration tools:

The administration module is designed for the fleet manager. This collects the usage history for each vehicle and each user. The manager can produce a range of reports in order to optimise the use of the car fleet, as well as managing any damage to the vehicles, delays, etc.


Development kit (API, SDK):

Developed based on protocols and interfaces that ensure smooth communication between the systems, the components of the Keyzee solution can be adapted or easily integrated into your own platform.


Schedule management:

Availability of the vehicles at each of the stations, assignment of cars to users who need them, records of past usage: schedule planning allows for the complete and efficient management of the entire fleet of shared vehicles. The responsibilities associated with the use of a car at a specific moment (e.g.: traffic violation) can always be determined without any possible error or doubt.


Asset management:

The Keyzee application allows you to work fully independently to add or remove vehicles from your fleet, assign them to stations, create communities and assign users, etc.


Management of damage:

Fleet management involves the daily management of any major or minor damage which may occur to the cars. The users will receive a complete inventory of the vehicle’s condition before claiming it, and will have the opportunity to confirm this and add any additional information based on photographs transmitted to the fleet manager in real-time. The account administrator can therefore track the complete usage history for each vehicle.


Software updates:

The various components of the solution (mobile application, website, administration tool) are updated regularly to include new functionalities. You will be able to access all the latest features automatically.


Virtual keys:

Each reservation takes the form of a unique, secure virtual key. This virtual key forms the nerve centre of the Keyzee application. Each key is secure and can only function when it is used on the user’s smartphone during the period reserved.